Dr Thomas Hoehn MD NMD Dr Hoehn, WELL KNOWN DOCTOR, COACH AND AUTHOR bestselling author, host of his own nationwide TV show Naturally Healthy for over 11 YEARS

-The founder of Natural Cures and the Natural Cures Newsletter as well as the Natural Cures:" Ask the Doc" Dr Thomas Hoehn and his staff answered for all the natural cures members hundreds of thousands of questions over the years.


Dr Hoehn is the most thought after Medical Doctor in Europe.

All of the effective natural cures information that was published in the Book "Natural Cures they dont want you to know about" originated from Dr Coldwell and Dr Hoehn. NO ONE ELSE!


His patients are coming in from the entire world.

He is the ONLY one that became Dr Leonard Coldwell's apprentice and learned everything that Dr Coldwell historically had to offer to his former patients!


Dr Hoehn took over the legacy of Dr Coldwell when Dr C left Europe Dr Hoehn combined the IBMS system with the most effective and modern techniques, knowledge and system of the Allopathic and naturopathic Medicine. After Dr Hoehn did send cancer patients to Dr Coldwell and his Modern Therapy Centers and saw the NEARLY 100% cure rate of Dr C, Dr Hoehn conducted a clinical study and concluded that Dr Leonard Coldwell had a cancer cure rate of over 92%.


Dr Coldwell gave Dr Hoehn access to all his patient files and Dr Hoehn looked at over 35 000 of Dr Coldwell's cancer patients files over the years Impressed by Dr C's huge success Dr Hoehn became Dr Coldwell's apprentice and was the very first MD that became a licensed and certified IBMS Therapist and Practitioner. What is even more impressive is the fact the Dr Thomas Hoehn MD NMD surpassed his mentor and colleague Dr Leonard Coldwell with his cure rate Dr Hoehn has today an even higher cure rate than Dr Coldwell has for patients with autoimmune diseases including cancer, MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's etcDr Thomas Hoehn MD NMD is today in the opinion of Dr Leonard Coldwell ( who retired from the work with patents over a decade ago ) the worlds leading medical authority and has in Dr Coldwell's opinion based on his own observations, the highest cure rate in the world for autoimmune diseases and surpassed even the cure rate of Dr Coldwell, that Dr Hoehn himself concluded based on his own scientific and clinical studies of Dr Coldwell's cancer patient cases.


If you want to contact the WORLDS leading authority for integrated medicine and biological cancer treatment COMBINED with Dr Coldwell's IBMS system