Gurds Hundal


Gurds Hundal is an inspiring young lady who has fought countless battles within her life. She is a motivational speaker, author and transformational life coach helping people to overcome their problems by guiding them from the darkness and into their own light - inspiring them to find their soul by bringing their purpose to life.


She is a qualified Health Journalist and health advisor and hosts The Get Inspired With Gurds show on UK Health Radio and previously co-hosted The UK Natural Health show. She believes that we all have the right to learn about natural ways of healing the mind, body and soul. As we rely heavily on medicines as our first port of call, even though, natural remedies have been around for thousands of years and were used by our ancestors.


But that was not her belief a few years ago.


Discovering medicines at a younger age, she believed medicines were the answer to all of her aches and pains. At the age of 18, she worked part time in a pharmacy which led her to try numerous medicines from water retention to headaches pills. This caused her to fall ill, lose weight, collapse and deal with consistent headaches and joint pains.


Her turning point came, when she collapsed in the office at the age of 24 and realised that she had to change her thoughts on medicines - but also her thoughts on life. It was not only the medicines that were affecting her health - it was the daily stresses of work, life and other people's drama.


From a very early age, she has been helping others with their problems and this backfired years later, when she collapsed in Canada, whilst working for CTV National News. The pressure of not looking after herself, had attacked her left arm and nervous system.


The reality was that she needed to cure herself first, before she could give back.  


Recognising that she needed to change, she had to go back to the root cause which stemmed from her past and her present. At the age of 5, she had seen a lot of of negativity and lost her grandma and uncle in the space of six months apart.


In her teens, she was laughed and ridiculed for who she was and her mood swings fluctuated up and down like a yoyo. She under went mental abuse and was told she was "nothing" and for a while she believed that, until she stood up and fought back.


Her biggest challenge was healing her pain from losing the love of her life at the age of 19. This led her on a yo-yo lifestyle. But something kept her going - the belief that she could get back up and fight.


During her final year at university, she was involved in a car accident and suffered short term memory loss. Her Doctors tried to prescribe her with anti-depressants but she refused to take them and healed herself naturally, by taking care of herself. But that was not the end of it.


In her 20's she suffered a mental abusive relationship that made her lose self esteem and created anger in her heart. This left her bitter and angry and trigged her aches and pains. The final straw was her being told that she may have cancer. This drove her off the rails and for a while she believed that she had cancer and this made her depressed. But she embraced faith and snapped out off it.


Single-handely she cured herself by writing her life story out and realised that her past was affecting her present and future. She made peace with her past and the people who had hurt her. She moved on and from that moment, she felt free.


Her erratic headaches disappeared and her negative feelings disappeared. She had finally taken control of her life.


There were many days where she wanted to give up but she had the faith that one day, everything would be okay.


Gurds has freelanced for many media firms, including ITV National News, BBC Radio Leicester, CTV National News, Women's Health, Heart Matters and Nursing Times. She has written a TV script, and produced documentaries on male eatings disorders, the rise of Hepatitis C and binge drinking.


She hold a BA in Journalism and MA in Broadcast Journalism. In 2012, she was a contestant in the Miss India UK competition. She is the Founder and CEO of Get Inspired With Gurds, where helps people to transform their lives and live with purpose.


She believes anything is possible if you just believe in you.


Gurds Hundal



- Founder of Get Inspired With Gurds

- Motivational Speaker

- Presenter on UK Health Radio

- Health Journalist



Twitter: @Iamgurds



Linkedin: Gurds Hundal