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IBMS® stands for Instinct Based Medicine System®. The Instinct Based Medicine System® is a scientific success and results-based system. It was developed by Dr. Leonard Coldwell over the past 30 years while working with Cancer patients and their family members. It was also developed working with tens of thousands of students, seminar attendees and coaching clients.


The IBMS® system is the only training system that will help you completely shift or enhance your self-image. This will enable you to attain any goal you set your mind to. You have to understand that your self-image and your goals have to be aligned for you to attain any goal. If you have a positive self-image, it means that you believe in yourself and your own capabilities. When you truly believe you can do something --- then you will. This happens because your neurological system will provide you with the answers, emotions, motivation, ideas, talents and strength to achieve your internally programmed and conditioned goals. If you have a shred of doubt about attaining your goal, then your negative self-image will keep you from attaining your goal. If your goals and self Image do not match your true goals and reasons, it will lead you to conscious or subconscious emotions, thoughts, doubt, fears and actions of self-sabotage. This is the main cause of failure. IBMS® training is the process of aligning your goals mentally, physically, neurologically and emotionally with the positive self image. When you do this, you become a real success ---- a true winner and champion.


IBMS® is more than motivation. It is about results. IBMS® will give you the education, tools, training, support and coaching you need to achieve your goals on a proven scientific basis. Life is not just thinking about what you want. It is about going after what you want and getting it. And with IBMS® you have the proper tool to help you get anything you want. Remember, life is all about getting tangible measurable results. It’s about being a real winner and champion. And you do this by having the self-image of a champion neurologically conditioned into your nervous system.


IBMS® is based on science. Experts believe IBMS® is the ONLY success conditioning system that automatically individualizes and customizes itself for the user. IBMS® training will help you to progam your neurology and nervous system. It will also program your subconscious mind to take instinctlive and automatic, conditioned and strategic actions everyday. With IBMS® you will consistently build successes and positive results. It will also program and condition your champion’s self image. This will enable you to attain any goal that you feel you can achieve. One of the main reasons that the IBMS® system is so effective, is because it will help you to identify and eliminate the root cause of any negative result you are getting. This includes poor health, being broke, feeling weak and lonely, being unhappy or lonely or even feeling worthless or like a loser.


Dr. Coldwell is the only person who ever developed a success conditioning system that gets such great results. IBMS® goes beyond training and education. It also promotes and develops friendship and teamplay at its best.


Now if you have a negative or self destructive self image and cannot seem to attain your goals, IBMS® will enable you to fix that as well. IBMS® will help you identify and eliminate the root cause of every negative and unwanted result in your life. It will help you stop compromising your life away to satisfy other people’s agendas. IBMS® will help you make more money, improve your health, shift your personal relationships, advance your career, help you gain a positive attitude, improve personality issues, save a failing business and even help you become happy again. Imagine getting up and being anxious to get on with your life. IBMS® can help you do that. And the best part is that IBMS® does not change you. Just the opposite. IBMS® will lead you to the true you ---- the true champion in you. You will learn to believe and trust yourself and your instincts once again. You will use common sense, instinct and your true character traits and talents to achieve every goal you desire. You will stop compromising your life. You will live a life filled with wealth, health and happiness.


IBMS® is all about accountability and commitment. When you master the IBMS® fundamentals you will be consciously and subconsciously committed to your goals. You will be accountable to following through on every goal you set out to attain. You will not make any excuses. You will just get on with the matter at hand and keep going through and around any obstacle that comes your way. It is very difficult to explain as you have to go through the IBMS® training yourself. You can only truly understand IBMS® when you’ve mastered the fundamentals. When it kicks in you just feel it. You are no longer the same. You are a whole new person. You will know that you are a champion because you will see the results in every area of your life.




Here’s an example that should explain this more vividly.


You may have seen one or even all the Rocky movies. If you haven’t, buy the videos and watch them over and over.


The lead character Rocky Balboa is a metaphor what it takes to be successful at anything in life. Rocky is a low grade boxer who started out as a loan shark back breaker for a local mobster. He is poor and basically down and out.


Rocky Balboa becomes the epitome of someone using IBMS® principles. Every time life throws him down on the ground, in and out of the ring, he just gets back up time and time again. He keeps taking on life’s challenges and overcoming them time after time with no excuses. All he cares about is “Going the Distance.” And through a series of wild events, he gets the chance to fight a world class fighter for the heavyweight championship.


Rocky’s fighting philosophy in the ring is pure IBMS® Without thinking about it he gets back up every single time he gets knocked down. He is punched, beaten, injured, bloodied, weak and can barely stand up --- but he keeps on coming. He does whatever it takes to keep going --- without making excuses. His actions are subconsciously programmed in him. Quitting does even enter the equation. And just when you think he’s down for the count, he gets back up again! Rocky Balboa risks everything and keeps on coming at his opponent until he gets what he wants. This is how he became a champion against all odds. He calls it having “The Eye of the Tiger.”


You need to do the same thing if you want to be successful at anything. You are a true IBMS® practitioner when you subconsciously get back up and keep on fighting every time life knocks you down; and you do it without fear, worry, doubt or any level of frustration whatsoever. It becomes a habit like tying your shoes. When you are skilled at IBMS®, you will get back up and keep coming at your opponent in life without even thinking twice. You make no compromises and take no prisoners. You find a way to attain your goal, no matter what it takes. You are “all-in” or “not-in.” There is no gray area when it comes to success.


You may not realize it, but success habits, self motivation and goal-oriented actions need to be conditioned directly into your nervous system. The instinct of a champion is like the instinct of a fighter in the boxing ring. You train and condition yourself for the big fight (the big fight called life ). And when you are ready to take advantage of an opportunity, or create one yourself, you are ready. When obstacles come up, or life throws you down to the ground, you will automatically and instantly get back up on your feet and keep on fighting until you achieve your goal.


Hopefully this gives you a basic understanding of IBMS®. To completely understand IBMS® at the deepest level, you have to attain a positive self image for yourself. When you do, your life will so dramatically change, you will wish you would have been exposed to IBMS® when you were a child. The IBMS® system is a constantly growing and changing system that will lead you to unlimited personal development, personal power and success. And most important --- you will be happy.


If you need more information about IBMS® training or principles, please go through this entire website or you can also visit www.ibmsmasterssociety.com.


I hope you make the commitment to become immersed in the IBMS® system It will instantly make your life better in ways you could never imagine right now.


Be accountable to yourself and make your life the masterpiece it was meant to be.