Jess Lewis: July 6th, 2014

Creator & Organizer

Gathering of Minds


Jess Lewis Bio

Early Life

Jess Lewis is originally from a small ex mining village near Newcastle, UK but at 18 went to Liverpool to start university. Just before her move to University she suffered a violent unprovoked attack which left her with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and many miles away from home. She dropped out of University after the pressure of everything was too much. Living off little money, little food and very depressed, a chance meeting with a stranger would change her life.


Modelling career

The stranger was a guy called Mike, he was a photographer and persuaded Jess to try modelling. It would be a move that would change her life. Within a month she was on her first assignment in Spain. It was the start of a huge career that lay ahead of her.



She had moved back to her hometown Newcastle but was in London and Europe regularly for shoots. During this time, she entered into a relationship that turned violent. Pressuring Jess to quit modeling and to take up a job in a furniture shop . As the violence continued for 3 years Jess after many failed attempts at leaving finally got the courage to leave and start her modelling career again.


Starting again

Jess moved to London a few years later and was working full time as a model. She also had started lots of TV & Presenting work and met a Vegetarian Make up artist who explained why she didn't eat meat - Factory Farming. Jess looked into this when she got home and was so horrified at what she saw that she gave up meat and joined Animal Rights Activist group PETA. Jess regularly took part in campaigns against Foie Gras, Fur, Meat Trade, Cat & Dog Meat trade, Fox Hunting and more. She used her modelling background as a platform to gain support for the causes she was fighting for.





Jess always had a passion for fundraising for good causes and it wouldn't be long before her next project would come to light. Working as a Ringcard girl at a boxing show, Jess got talking to a woman who was a manager of a children's home - A permanent children's home where the children could no longer trust people and therefore couldn't be fostered or adopted. Horrified by this Jess decided to raise money to send them on a holiday of a lifetime - There first ever holiday. And did Jess do this? By decided to take up boxing, put on an all female boxing show - something that has never been done before at that point in the UK. The only difference is, she wanted to find models to be the boxers. 


As Jess isn't put off by any challenge, she managed to persuade enough models to do the show. The only problem now was, Jess was unfit, hadn't exercise in 16 years and was now 30. She set up the event for 9 months time and started to learn how to box, training twice a day. 

A Month before the fight Jess was confident in her ability and her newly found skill. The event was going to be a sell out with lots of media covering the event but 10 days before, Jess suffered grade 2 tear in her shoulder. She decided to fight anyway and won her fight...the first of many. The kids in the home were sent on their first ever holiday - an African Safari. The event was such a success that, the following Year Jess decided to do it all again but this time with a TV show on Sky. The event received press magazines and paper around the world and was more money was raised for charity.


Jess racked up another 4 fights over the space of 2 years and work was being offered to present at Boxing, MMA, and Thai boxing shows all over the UK. It wasn't long before Jess was interviewing Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and other boxing champions


Evander Holyfield Interview


Brazilian Jujitsu 

Jess then decided to take up Brazilian Jujitsu and was sponsorship by the Gracie Garcia Academy in London and also sponsored by Badboy MMA clothing. 


After fighting twice in a 24ft cage and winning both fights, Jess was suffering repeated injuries and decided to take some time out. 


Life Purpose 

Lots of meditations followed. In a deep meditative state one evening over Summer Solstice 2013, she connected with her guides and was told that her life purpose was to help as many people as I could and to bring people together.


During the few weeks that followed and more Meditations, she came up with the idea of being key people with knowledge and information to share with the public, things they may not know but could help them - Natural Healing and way to deal with the mind for example.  

By mid July Jess her a private first event to test it out and then by Sept she decided to go for the public launch


Since September 2013 Jess and her partner Matt have welcomed hundreds of people through the doors during this time and covered topics such as Lucid Dreaming, Curing the 'incurable' Raw Food and the benefits, Nutrition, Meditation, Controlling the mind and emotions and much more!


Jess is also on the UK Natural Health show on UK Health Radio every Wednesday at 1pm UK time, discussing everything about Natural Health!


Jess has now truly found her life purpose and is excited about her journey!


Gathering of Minds

Gathering of Minds is a movement I have set up in order to share important knowledge and information with the public. We cannot rely on information on our news or papers.

As we are multi-dimensional beings, its important to take care of all parts of our being - Mind, Body & Soul! If one is out of sync then the rest of our being becomes unhappy too.

Gathering of Minds brings new way for people to deal with their Health for example, whilst showing people the importance and ways of taking care of their Mind and Body too!


GOM covers topics such as Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming, Raw Food & Nutrition, Meditations, Light Grids, Positive Psychology, Energy Healing, Curing the 'incurable' Controlling your Mind & Emotions, Inter-dimensional beings and more.


Like myself, most of the speakers have suffered moments in their lives where they had reached rock bottom and then turned it around. The powerful message this sends out is that if these guys can turn everything around then everyone can!


We have many abilities as humans but most of us are not fully aware of what we are capable of! We grow up conditioned and fearful of the World, which can hold us back. Gathering of Minds is there to wake people up, enlighten as many people as possible to the fact that we can achieve whatever we desire because we are LIMITLESS!!


We have had amazing feedback from some of the guests that attend our monthly events 




'I attended a meeting with my friends and I was amazed at how I felt after. I have since attended all but 2 of the gatherings and they have had a huge impact on my life, the way I look at things and how I do things. I always managed to take something away from all of the speakers. I am always telling people how amazing the talks are so everyone can experience what I have!' Sian Kelly


''GOM lifted my spirit when I needed a little boost. Coming along to a few gatherings made me realise that there's so many good people on a spiritual journey'' Bex Aldrige 


''I wanted to share with you that GOM was a catalyst from some drastic changes in my life. I feel as though I am truly on the right path. I am back in touch with my soul. I am learning to trust myself and indeed the infinite powers'' Daniel Bacon





Jess Lewis

Creator & Organiser

Gathering of Minds

Twitter - @Gathering_Minds