Johann Ilgenfritz


my story: 

After studying photography and working as a fashion photographer for 20 odd years the following happened. At the age of 47, two and a half years after my youngest son was born I had a heart attack on the tennis court and then a few months after that I, was diagnosed with cancer.
After spending some time in total disbelief, dismay, shock, ….. and thousands of other emotions that I had never experienced before (lets just call it turmoil or perhaps chaos is a better word), I decided to fight my cancer and every one else’s cancer as well (I beat my cancer with an alkaline vegan diet and papaya supplementation. The Papaya products I now import into Europe and sell worldwide on my / and on the UK Health Radio Shop). 

My wife’s first reaction to this was and I quote “.... like usual you always have to overdo everything but I shall help you as much as I can” Not sure what you think about that but I thought that was pretty awesome and she has and is helping every single day.

The results of my tooth & nail fight against cancer, and then the decision to help everybody else attain that freedom that comes with not only being cancer free but (overall) having good health, is UK Health Radio. UK Health might have started as an ambition but it has become a mission. This mission is to continuously produce and air quality health information for you, for me, for everyone.

This was the first thing I wrote down concerning UK Health Radio. “A station that you can listen to that will leave you feeling informed but not in despair.”