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Enter the Green PolkaDot Box. Don't have an organic food store or farmer's market in your city? Not a problem. Can't afford the high price of natural, non-GMO foods? We've got you covered.
We carry hundreds of your favorite brands, and even ship fresh meat and dairy products directly from organic farms. 

Invest in prescious metals.
In this extraordinary environment, preserving your personal wealth becomes priority one. Precious metals have successfully preserved wealth for thousands of years because, unlike stocks and bonds and paper currencies, they are not someone else's promise of performance and they are not someone else's liability. 

George Noory TV


The Only Answer to Cancer

Cancer is one of the leading health concerns, today. It is good to know that there are many things that you can do to help prevent and cure cancer. Dr. Leonard Coldwell explains the latest tips and treatments in this interview with George Noory originally Webcast on January 18, 2013.

I endorse Freeze Dry Guy for one simple reason: They have always over delivered, have always done everything possible to fulfill my demands and have always been honest and have delivered the best and safest products I can find on the market.

I whole heartedly endorse these products. I do not get a dime out of my endorsements I am simply convinced that great companies, like Freeze Dry Guy, need to be supported by all of us.