Rita Soman, MA, CADC III is an Addiction Treatment Specialist


Rita Soman, MA, CADC III is an Addiction Treatment

 Specialist,  She a self-actualization coach and

 Internationally Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor.

She is published co-author of two books, "The Thought That

 Changed My Life Forever" and "Thank God I Am An

 Empowered Woman." With 27yrs of experience Ms. Soman is

 highly committed to helping her clients reach their goals,

 with the best available methods. Due to the limited and

 short-term results received from psychotherapy, she explored

 alternative ways to benefit her clients more effectively and

 eventually discovered highly successful methods based on

 neuroscience that blend synergistically with psychotherapy,

 for prolific and successful treatment outcomes. She brings

 her own healed self to help her clients.

She strongly believes that unless the therapists have addressed their own

 issues, they can’t effectively help others heal. Rita is

 endorsed and supported by Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of

 Biology of Belief book. Ms. Soman offers sessions in person,

 by phone and via Skype. She teaches PSYCH-K workshop up

 general people and professionals from all walks of life. Her

 goal is to support individuals become free of their limiting

 beliefs and painful past.





 She can be reached at: rita@ritasoman.com


 Her website is www.ritasoman.com.