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The Secret Teachings is hosted by veteran radio host, researcher and writer, Ryan Gable, with co-host Mike D. Named after Manly P. Hall’s great work The Secret Teachings of All Ages, the show focuses on the Synchronicity of Alternative News, Alternative (ancient) History, the Paranormal, Comparative Religion, the Occult, Politics, Symbolism, Philosophy, the Esoteric, and the Secret Doctrine. What Ryan and Mike attempt to do is present as many sides to a situation as possible and allow for the listeners to create their own opinions on the information presented.


Hosted by – Ryan Gable

Ryan Gable is a film school graduate with a Bachelors of Science degree in film and audio production. He is a five-year plus radio host, producer, manager, writer, editor, and promotions director for his radio show The Secret Teachings. Ryan is also an author and has written for alternative health and paranormal magazines, although once the articles were complete the magazine publishers refused to publish the work because of its content and Ryan’s strict adherence to telling things the way they are.


From the time he was young, he always had a fascination with how things worked and how he could better understand them. He also had a burning desire for uncovering what others try to keep hidden for selfish purposes. Ryan believes that ‘truth’ is found when all sides to a situation are weighed and not just one or the other; in other words, duality. He also believes that by choosing a side you automatically become subject to that side’s praises and faults. Ryan is a dedicated researcher into dozens of areas of study including; Alternative History, Alternative Science, Comparative Religions, Symbolism, Hermetic Philosophy, Esotericism, Health, the Paranormal, Extraterrestrials, the Occult, the Secret Doctrine, Magic, Labels, Sychronicities, Philosophy, and much more.


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