What fans are saying about Dr. C Opinion Radio!

Dr. Coldwell is a man of the people for the people. He does this show to help and inspire every single one of his listerners and he loves to hear feedback on what you are getting out of the show as well as your ideas for new and upcoming broadcasts. *If you have a show idea, feel free to submit it! Click on the "Show Idea?" tab above!


“I was blown away by Dr. Betty Martini when she was on your show. I knew aspartame and fake sweeeteners were bad for you, but I had no idea just how bad! Thank you Dr. Coldwell. I will never have another diet soda again!" - Bethany R, Albany, NY


“Hi Dr. C! Wow - What a great start to your radio show. Miss Australia. Beautiful and smart. What a lucky man to be in the studio with her. I recently purchased her earth diet book and have started slowly changing the way I eat. To my surprise healthy food can be good." - Harvy M. Detroit, MI


“I was inspired by Ian Jacklin. I followed his fight career and when I heard his name again I had to tune in to your show. I will be very excited to see how his next film comes out." - Dan Z., Burlington, VT


“A friend in the IBMS Master's Society got me to listen to the edition with Howard Berg. I was impressed. He seems like a smart nice guy. I have never been a very good reader and always slower than most everyone. I had a hard time in school. I am going to try his course."  - Amanda C., Irvine, TX


“While the guests you have had on have been wonderful it is you Dr. Coldwell who make the show. You are warm, personable, charming and feisty as well as knowledgable. You are the perfect new radio show host and I think the world may just be ready for you!" - Sarah B. Naples, FL